• Learn to Code. Learn to Think

    "Everyone in this country should learn how to program a computer because it teaches you how to think!"

    Steve Jobs

  • Our coding lessons are designed to develop your child's

    1. Confidence in tackling complex problems,
    2. Grit, persistence and tolerance in the face of uncertainty, and
    3. Ability to deal with open-ended problems.

    "To me programming is more than an important practical art. It is also a gigantic undertaking in the foundations of knowledge."

    Grace Hopper

    1. Coding Lessons

      Invent. Develop. Build.

      Young Inventor

      Create Something From Nothing

      Platforms explored:

      • Scratch 4 Arduino 
      • Arduino (C/C++)

      Program Focus/ Outline:

      • Exploring electronic sensors & devices that can be attached to Arduino 


      • Expect your child to invent his own autonomous devices - from unmanned autonomous vehicles (UAV), to a self-watering gardening system.

      Game Developer

      Turn Your Passion For Gaming Into A Career

      Platforms explored:

      • Scratch
      • Javascript

      Program Focus/ Outline:

      • History of video games
      • Exploring the various game mechanics within popular games


      • Expect your child to develop games - from strategic city building games such as Pixel Town to classical shoot 'em ups such as Space Invaders.

      Computer Scientist

      Be The Next Big Thing In The Tech Industry

      Platforms Explored:

      • Android
      • Python

      Program Focus/ Outline:

      • Foundations of computer science
      • Real-world applications and examples from relevant technologies


      • Expect your child to build both mobile and software apps - from fun games such as Minion Rush, to useful utilities such as messaging platforms.
    2. Coding Lessons

      8 - 18 years old

      Age Range

      6 One-hour sessions @ $150

      Lesson Package details (not inclusive of registration fee)

      Call Us @ 8180 4181

      Class Schedule


      One-Time Registration Fee

      Personalised Instruction

      How We Teach

      12 hours

      Course Duration (Per Skill Level)

    3. Tuition


      Primary 3 to Primary 6

      Our Math program reinforces and build on the foundations laid by the students' teachers in school. At the same time, we focus on introducing new problem solving tools and exam techniques for academic excellence.


      At the same time, we focus on helping our students to make parallel connections to the real world, through fun and engaging activities that make the learning process fun.

      Computer Science

      Secondary 1 to Junior College

      In line with curriculum from various top universities around the world,. our Computer Science program aims to help students lay a strong foundation in the field through rigorous exercises. We focus on skills such as:

      - Problem solving and decomposition,

      - Designing and developing algorithms, and

      - Pattern generalization and recognition.


      These skills will students to develop:

      - Confidence in tackling complex problems,

      - Grit, persistence and tolerance in the face of uncertainty, and

      - Ability to deal with open-ended problems.


    4. Tuition Info


      Maximum Group Size


      No. of Hours Weekly

      $80 - $100

      Monthly Tuition Fee (Primary School)

      $120 - $150

      Monthly Tuition Fee (Secondary School)

      Call Us @ 8180 4181


    5. "We need people with the skills.

      We need managers with the understanding.

      We need leaders with the dare and the courage and the organisational ability to make it happen."

      - Singapore's Prime Minister, Lee Hsien Loong